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Mrs Morrison's Hotel
(She's Right, You Know!)
14th-Aug-2012 07:24 pm
rainbow peace
...that I haven't posted in absolute yonks. I was dealing with health issues, all now mostly resolved (had a stent procedure), and then I just got lazy. Not much to tell in any case: I finished up "Go Ask Malice: Murder at Woodstock", the fifth Rennie book, and I had a far better time writing it than I had at that damn festival; I have about 90,000 words on the sixth, "Ruby Gruesday: Murder at the Fillmore East", so that will probably be out next.

After that, not sure. Either Rennie7 ("Daydream Bereaver: Murder on the Good Ship Rocknroll") or the long-delayed Viking book, "Son of the Northern Star." I may even get back to the Keltiad after the ninth Rennie book, which is kind of where extensive pre-writing stops at the moment, with my protagonists getting married. I have two or three books planned out after that, but may or may not get to them. It all depends on if I'm getting bored, or if my readers feel it's time for something completely different.

Which would be Keltia. "The Beltane Queen" is about Aeron's great-grandmother Aoife, who is both the Prince Hal and the Queen Victoria of Keltia, and also, a big surprise for me, happens to have a girlfriend in her youth. "The Cloak of Gold" is the conclusion to the series, and yes, people we love will die. Or possibly the galaxy explodes and EVERYBODY dies. We'll see.

In other news, Pottermore is a crashing bore. Rowling doesn't toss in enough new backstory morsels to keep my interest, and the stupid games and things don't work on my browser. Not that I'd play them, but still.

Recent reads: I read all E. Nesbit's Bastables books on Project Gutenberg, and they are terrific. Also all five of the Richard Hannay books by John Buchan, which are likewise. Rereading Molesworth, which is always hilarious. Other than that, not much except some research on Rennie, circa December 1969, and P.D. James's sequel to "Pride and Prejudice", "Death Comes to Pemberley", which was entertaining but left me rather underwhelmed.

Apart from that, not much. I haven't gone away anywhere, first because of getting Mr. Stenty and then because I'm just too lazy. Maybe in October: it would be nice to see leaves, and I found an upstate horse farm on Airbnb that sounds delightful; and I could ride!

So that's me up to date. Not terribly exciting, but really it's all going on inside my head. Now back to 1969! Though I guess it's January 1970 by now...
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